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Description of DroneDeploy

DroneDeploy is the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones, and is making the power of aerial data accessible and productive for everyone. The free DroneDeploy app provides easy automated flight and data capture, and enables you to explore and share high-quality interactive maps, orthomosaics and 3D models directly from your mobile device.

Fly your DJI drone autonomously with just two taps on your Android device. Quickly process your imagery with DroneDeploy to generate high-resolution maps and 3D models, analyze, annotate and share your maps with others directly from within the app. Extend your capabilities and take your analysis to the next level with over 80 best-in-class apps available for install within DroneDeploy’s App Market.

DroneDeploy is the ultimate app for a wide range of aerial imaging and mapping applications in construction, solar, agriculture, surveying, mining, insurance and inspection and more. DroneDeploy has empowered users to map and analyze over 30 million acres in more than 160 countries.

Compatible with DJI’s latest drones:
- Mavic 2 Pro / Zoom / Enterprise
- Mavic Pro
- Mavic Air
- Phantom 4 Pro V2
- Phantom 4 Pro / Advanced
- Phantom 4
- Phantom 3 Pro / Advanced
- Inspire 2
- Inspire 1 / Pro
- Matrice 100
- Matrice 200 / 210 /210 RTK
- Matrice 600

Not Compatible with the Following Hardware:
- Spark
- CrystalSky Monitor and CrystalSky Integrated Display

Android 7.1+ Recommended

Automated Mapping for Beginners and Professionals:
- Easily make flight plans on any device
- Automate takeoff, flight, image capture and landing
- Live stream First Person View (FPV)
- Disable auto-flight and resume control with a single tap
- Easily continue non-interrupted flights to map large areas

In-field data analysis on any device:
- Explore Orthomosaic, NDVI, Digital Elevation interactive maps and 3D models.
- Measure elevation, distance, & area
- Measure volume (paid customers)
- Collaborate with a team through shared maps and comments
- Get help when you need it with in-app support (paid customers)

Image processing and analysis available on dronedeploy.com:
- Upload imagery from your drone’s SD card to www.dronedeploy.com to process high resolution 3D maps
- Process ground control points to create high accuracy maps and models
- Export data in the format you need

Please join us in improving and discussing the app at http://forum.dronedeploy.com

Version history DroneDeploy
New in DroneDeploy 3.11.0
Updated live chat support interface. Please use this version or newer for live chat.

Includes our latest fixes for speed and reliability.
New in DroneDeploy 3.9.2
Minor bug fixes.
New in DroneDeploy 3.8.0
NEW! We’re excited to launch several new features:
- Low Altitude Flights - Fly as low as 30ft. Please exercise caution at low altitudes.
- View Media on Map - Uploaded photos, videos, and panoramas are now visible in context of your map. Business and Enterprise only.

Includes our latest fixes for speed and reliability.
New in DroneDeploy 3.6.0
New! Automatic Settings are available for Maps & Models flight plans. Now your plans will use settings recommended by experienced pilots for best results. Settings can still be tuned manually.

Includes our latest fixes for speed and reliability.
New in DroneDeploy 3.5.0
Improved syncing of flight logs from offline flights. Fixed issues with Linear Flight app.

Includes our latest fixes for speed and reliability.
New in DroneDeploy 3.4.0
Improved annotation support! Now you can view a list of all of the annotations on your map. Select or hide specific annotations. Use search and filter tools to look for specific annotations or annotation types.

Includes our latest fixes for speed and reliability.
New in DroneDeploy 3.2.0
DroneDeploy now supports Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, and Mavic 2 Enterprise!

Automated flight settings are enabled for certain maps. We will continue to make improvements to offer the simplest flight experience.
New in DroneDeploy 3.0.1
We've refreshed our dashboard interface and will be moving everyone over to our new "project-driven" UI, with general availability on 11th December. There are a number of new features arriving with this release that should speed up your workflow.

1. Flight Templates,
2. Automatic Map Alignment,
3. Fly Over Existing Map

If you'd like to opt out of the projects interface, that option is available in dashboard>settings.
New in DroneDeploy 2.85.0
Now, in the new projects dashboard (beta) you can sort your dashboard by last updated, last created, and in alphabetical order. You can turn on Projects Beta in your dashboard settings.

We’ve also fixed a number of bugs, including fixing the restarting waypoint for battery swaps on long mission legs.
New in DroneDeploy 2.83.0
Various bug fixes, including a fix for the image capture started notification timing in some cases.
New in DroneDeploy 2.82.1
We’re pleased to announce support for Android Pie.

There are a number of bug fixes, including improvements to syncing flight plans created offline. We’ve also upgraded to the latest DJI SDK 4.7.1.
New in DroneDeploy 2.81.0
Enjoy a cleaner flight workflow with refreshed “battery swap” and “flight completed” instruction screens.

Bug Fixes
Flights continue correctly when the focus calibration fails
New in DroneDeploy 2.79.0
This release warns users that the DJI mobile SDK, and therefore DroneDeploy’s flight planning app, does not support Android Pie on Google Pixel devices.

This release includes several crash fixes.
New in DroneDeploy 2.77.0
DroneDeploy now supports the DJI P4P V2, Mavic Air, and M210 series drones! This release upgrades to the DJI mobile SDK version 4.6.

Bug fixes:
- Addressed crashes during flight log uploading
- Improved flight plan estimates
- Properly validate incorrect battery position in checklist
New in DroneDeploy 2.75.0
This release introduces several improvements to structures mode flights.

Bug fixes:
- Continue missions reliably return to the correct waypoint
- Max speed advanced setting is working again.
- Low battery warnings can be closed
New in DroneDeploy 2.74.0
You can now make even better 3D models of structures and buildings thanks to improvements to the way perimeter images are captured when “structures mode” is enabled.

Flights take less time now that your drone flies to the first waypoint at DJI’s “transition” flight speed. DJI sets the transition flight speed as the fastest speed that is safe for waypoint missions.

Bug Fixes:
- Changing plan geometry does not shift the move plan icon
- Multiple fixes to progress photos
New in DroneDeploy 2.73.1
Fix Google Maps base tile issue
New in DroneDeploy 2.69.0
This release fixes a bug in the “Plan Here” functionality. This functionality is available if when planning a flight you navigate anywhere that your flight plan is off screen.

We also fixed bugs in our flight plan mission building.
New in DroneDeploy 2.67.0
This release has fixed a bug where manual camera setting were not respected on the Phantom 4 Pro.
New in DroneDeploy 2.66.0
This release introduces a number of UI improvements and fixed several bugs on the data page including problems with the flight planning sliders.We also now attempt to take control of the USB connection when we determine we don’t have it.
New in DroneDeploy 2.65.0
This release brings full screen live video from the drone while in flight, making it easier to check exposure and focus. You’ll need to be flying in landscape orientation.We now orient flight direction automatically, saving you time. We’ll also remind you if the drone battery is low.3D mode now captures more images during the perimeter segment.Obstacle Avoidance and 3D mode are now automatically disabled on unsupported drones.
New in DroneDeploy 2.64.0
This release brings full screen live video from the drone while in flight, making it easier to check exposure and focus. You’ll need to be flying in landscape orientation.We now orient flight direction automatically, saving you time. We’ll also remind you if the drone battery is low.3D mode now captures more images during the perimeter segment.Obstacle Avoidance and 3D mode are now automatically disabled on unsupported drones.
New in DroneDeploy 2.63.0
This scheduled update contains improvements to app launch speed, and a fresh new interface for planning. We’ve reduced the likelihood for mistaken changes to altitude and other sliders, and made things a little easier to read and navigate.Smaller flight plans are now designed to create more accurate maps, edge to edge.Bug fixes:- 3D mode that could result in the drone rotating outwards.- Fix slow flight speed on Inspire 1 and P3P
New in DroneDeploy 2.62.0
- Move flight plans more easily: On an existing flight plan, now you can just move the map to the new location and tap “plan here”.- Plan flights with confidence: Added little explainers on some of the advanced flight settings to help you improve processing accuracy. Manual exposure and focus settings have been changed to reference DJI Go.- You can now delete the example maps from your dashboard.- We’ve fixed a bug with offline map tiles that made them appear black and unusable.
New in DroneDeploy 2.61.0
In this scheduled update we’ve included a number of bug fixes, in particular:- Continued flights requiring more than one battery swap now resume correctly.- You can now reliably delete annotations.- We’ve removed a waypoint at the beginning of the mission which was causing problems for those starting their DD flight while already at altitude.Thanks for flying with DroneDeploy!
New in DroneDeploy 2.60.0
This scheduled update includes an advanced setting to enable you to focus using the DJI Go app during flight. This should only be used by customers experiencing focus issues on Mavic and X5 cameras.
New in DroneDeploy 2.58.0
- Flight plan updates automatically based on connected camera- Warning if drone is not sending battery status- Warning if SD card has insufficient storage capacity- Gimbal reliability improvement- UI performance upgrade- Improved takeoff UI- Fixed a bugs for manual camera settings & FPV video in P4P and P3A
New in DroneDeploy 2.57.0
- Ending our support for all versions of Android 4- Upgraded collision avoidance - we’ll roll out gradually.- An additional camera focus check during our preflight checklist.- We’ve resolved a bug where returning home prior to reaching first waypoint would cause the starting waypoint to be set incorrectly- Other bug fixes and performance improvements throughout the app.
New in DroneDeploy 2.56.1
- Updated camera focus settings in order to improve image capture reliability.- Fixed two of the most common reasons for app crashes.
New in DroneDeploy 2.55.3
Resolves crash on startup related to latest no fly zone database update from DJI
New in DroneDeploy 2.54.1
Fix for a crash on Android 4.4.4 and below.
New in DroneDeploy 2.0.54
- Fix for gimbal issues that were preventing the camera from facing down.- With this release, you can also choose to enable Collision Avoidance for supported drones by going to DroneDeploy Labs under Settings. Please note that enabling Collision Avoidance will decrease your speed during flight. We also recommend that you treat Collision Avoidance as an extra layer of protection, rather than intentionally planning flights through obstacles.
New in DroneDeploy 2.0.51
This release includes several minor bugs fixes and improves navigation so that you can go back to the planning page from the pre-flight checklist and filter and search plans while the dashboard is loading. In addition, users can now see what new apps have been added to the App Market and easily rate the quality of any map.
New in DroneDeploy 2.0.49
Version 2.0.49 adds a pre-flight check for corrupted SD cards and the ability to submit a bug report. It also includes fixes to improve syncing flight plans to mobile devices, address an issue that was preventing some users from signing out, and resolve issues introduced by DJI SDK 4.0 upgrade that were causing app crashes. Due to an issue with DJI SDK 4.0, devices running the Android 4.4 OS are not currently supported. Please update your operating system to Android 5.0 or higher.
New in DroneDeploy 2.0.47
Checklist now takes a test photo to ensure camera is functional before takeoff. Improved syncing plans from mobile to desktop and uploading flight logs. Added an alternate method to download flight logs from DroneDeploy Flight Logs folder in the Android device internal storage.
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